Show Your Fall Vegetables Some Love by Roasting Them!

One way to shine the spotlight on fall vegetables is by roasting them. From a passionate red beet to a down-to-earth brown mushroom, fall’s finest vegetables should be prepared and presented in such a way that we give credit where credit is due. It’s no wonder we take notice when we see a colorful medley of roasted vegetables on a plate. It’s as if the warm, rich colors of autumn want to join us at the table.

Roasting vegetables is a superior cooking method for so many reasons. Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sugars by way of caramelization, which results in sweeter, deeper flavor. The possible flavor combinations for roasted vegetables are endless. And roasting vegetables frees up time—just prep, pop in the oven, and basically wait for them to cook.

You’ll be bookmarking this How to Roast Vegetables (With Lots of Flavor) from Cook Smarts. The 10 Flavor Profiles and vegetable suggestions will boost your creative confidence in the kitchen, especially when you get to the 10th Flavor Profile—Your Own Creation!

Another roasted vegetable recipe you’re going to want to make is The Pioneer Woman’s Beautiful Roasted Vegetables. They’re truly stunning, and they can be enjoyed as a side dish, they can be pureed into soup, they can be tucked inside a sandwich, or they can be enjoyed as a snack.

One vegetable that never ever gets enough love—but results in a roasted vegetable dish that could easily win a King of Roasted Vegetables competition—is the Brussels sprout. With that said, there are some important steps to keep in mind when preparing roasted Brussels sprouts for the most delicious outcome possible. This How to Make Perfect Roasted Brussels Sprouts article from Wholefully offers up some great tips. And there is one special way to prepare Brussels sprouts that has made many people see the Brussels sprouts light: combining Brussels sprouts with bacon. Everything’s better with bacon, right? Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic from Good Life Eats will having everyone raving about this recipe.

And can we talk about the health benefits of roasted vegetables? They’re chock-full of fiber, low in calories, and rich in minerals!