Plate Up Potato Salad All Summer Long

No backyard barbecue or picnic in the park would be complete without potato salad. It’s an essential summer dish that can be prepared in too many ways to count. Here are some favorites we think you’ll love. Find one to make for the Fourth!

Classic Potato Salad

This Old-Fashioned Potato Salad from Cooking with Paula Deen includes eggs, celery, and bacon. For potato salad just like Mom used to make, try Hellmann’s The Original Potato Salad. And for your 4th of July celebrations, here is a creamy Fourth of July Potato Salad recipe from epicurious.

Modern Potato Salads

Modern potato salads offer up tastes and textures that are welcome surprises for adventurous eaters. This Buttermilk Ranch Potato Salad from The Kitchn uses a combination of buttermilk, yogurt, and mayo for the dressing and adds cilantro into the herby mix of dill and parsley.

If you want to create a personalized potato salad, you’ll find great tips in 6 Ways to Create Your Signature Potato Salad from Food & Wine. Making your own signature potato salad is a fun way to experiment without a recipe and is a great way to learn about how the tastes and textures of foods complement each other.

For modern potato salads chock-full of bright flavors, try Lemon Grass and Ginger Potato Salad, Arugula Pesto Potato Salad, String Bean and Potato Salad With Prosciutto, or Patriotic Potato Salad from NPR’s Rethinking Potato Salad.

In our Recipes tab, you’ll also find a recipe for wonderful Red Potato Salad with Radishes.

Here’s a tip to keep your potato salad cool when serving outdoors in warm weather: Place the serving bowl that your potato salad is in in a container that is filled with ice.