Plan June Parties Like a Pro

From high school and college graduations to Father’s Day, and big backyard BBQs to getting ready for the 4th, the month of June is generally full of celebrations, parties, and planning for the next big blowout. If you’re not an experienced host or hostess or cook, you might feel intimated by the thought of throwing a party and cooking for a crowd. Rest assured, it’s not as daunting as it might seem, and once you get a couple of parties under your belt, you’ll be a party pro.

If you want to host a cookout for a big crowd, you’ll want to plan your menu around the number of guests you anticipate will be attending. Read Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout from the Fix Blog. You’ll learn how to pull off an amazing menu for a crowd, as well as exactly how much of a specific ingredient you’ll need to buy for dishes like hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches. There are also cooking plan examples and homemade barbecue sauce recipes for you to try.

And the Chickabug guide to how much to serve at a party is handy to keep on hand when you’re menu planning. It includes serving size amounts for main dishes, side dishes, fruit & veggies, appetizers, drinks, and more. You will also want to consider which dishes will be crowd-pleasing favorites and make sure to have extras of those on hand for replenishing when they run out… and they will run out.

Remember, planning a party and getting ready for a party can be a creative, fun adventure. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be delicious. Are you ready to invite your family and friends over for fabulous foods this June?